Need financing for your start-up … join the Kernel!

Let's say you have this great idea. You're tired of working for the "Man." You know deep down in you're an entrepreneur. And you're willing to put in the long hours and embrace austerity as your best friend. And the last thing you want to do is commit to an office space, spend your creative … Continue reading Need financing for your start-up … join the Kernel!

Who really cares about $4 gas prices … we don’t!

Contrary to the media overload on the gas price crisis - Americans really don't care about the extra cost. Sure they'll complain. But aside from those who make a living on the road, like truck drivers, it's really no big deal, a few less dollars in the pocket - but really no big deal. If … Continue reading Who really cares about $4 gas prices … we don’t!

Millennials Rising!

Over the past year I've been writing about the Millennial Generation, Generation Y and their propensity to band together and move as groups. We see it with the proliferation of social media, heck, social media was invented by this generation, literally. Recently - here and elsewhere, I've talked about how workplace and societal treatment needs … Continue reading Millennials Rising!

Influence … and responsibility

As everyone knows, unless you've been living under a rock, our country had a tragic shooting in Tuscon, Arizona on Saturday.  Representative Gabby Giffords and several others were shot outside a Safeway during a "Congressman on the Corner" rally.  Several of those shot were killed, including a nine year girl and a federal judge. Much … Continue reading Influence … and responsibility

Outstanding … mind over matter!

You know when you go to a restaurant, grocery store or pretty much any retail store ... what's the first thing they say to you, "how are you today?" What's your response - good, fine, alright? Try saying "OUTSTANDING." Watch their response.  Better yet -  watch your own response? You might just become OUTSTANDING. _________________________ … Continue reading Outstanding … mind over matter!

The Talking Stick … Shhh, listen

The Lakota Sioux in the Dakotas back in the 1800's used something called a Talking Stick.  The Talking Stick was used during tribal councils.  The leaders of the tribe and neighboring tribes would meet and discuss important issues affecting them. To keep order in these meetings they used the Talking Stick.  Unless you held the … Continue reading The Talking Stick … Shhh, listen

Revisiting Medici

A few years ago, when I was still down in Los Angeles, I was on my morning walk through West L.A. and I ran across a homeless gentleman collecting cans and bottles from a dumpster.  I stopped to talk to him.  We talked for about for fifteen minutes. We talked about a lot things, the … Continue reading Revisiting Medici