Lady Gaga and the Heroes of Normandy Beach

What do Lady Gaga and the soldiers that stormed Normandy Beach have in common?  It's something that will change the way you look at society. Twelve years ago, the book  'The Fourth Turning,' by William Strauss and Neil Howe hit the streets.  Written by two generational analysts - 'The Fourth Turning' will change the way … Continue reading Lady Gaga and the Heroes of Normandy Beach

Employee motivation – a case study

In the late eighties, I was part of a team that published commercial art and printing directories.  In 1986 our Twin Cities Creative Sourcebook's tab pages were awarded PIA's (Printing Industry of America's) "best of" category for broadside printing.  Simply put, it was was the best print job in the United States in 1986. I … Continue reading Employee motivation – a case study