Falling leaves and the opportunity of change

Yesterday was  not the best day I’ve had recently.  It wasn’t terrible, just not productive.  One of those “take one step forward, two steps back” times … only without the one step forward.

A lot of this has to deal with the fact we are embarking upon another holiday this weekend.  I have this love hate relationship with holidays.  Living the proactive life I have right now, launching my new company, is in direct conflict with holidays.  If you need to talk to somebody, anybody – you can’t.  If they’re not gone physically, they’re gone mentally.  And this is a fact I have to come to realize.  Switch gears and focus on internal productivity.

Fall in Minnesota

For me Labor Day is a time of thought.  The summer’s done … a season I’m not particularly fond of.  And fall is here … a season I am.  I love autumn’s weather, no matter where I’m at.  And being in Montana, the first time I’ve been outside of California for the fall in twenty years, I something I’m looking forward to.

Labor Day represents change, probably more than any other time.  Leaves are changing, school’s starting and the summer’s lack of focus excuses have expired.  I know everybody’s all into the New Years and its resolutions.  But how much do things really change from December to January … well, except for changing the year when writing checks.  But who writes checks anymore.

When was planning out my next day, which I do the night before, I decided to embrace Labor Day what it means for me, contemplation … looking at back at the last three months and looking forward at what’s possible in the next three.

I look forward to the new arrivals of a few select bloggers.  One was in my inbox this morning when I got up. It was a post by from Life Literacy Labs and my buddy C.A. Kobu.  It was titled “Do you know how to be like Janus?” It was like I channeled her last night when I was “agendazing.”  Read it.  It’ll get you thinking.  All of C.A.’s work does.

As you get ready for the long weekend, anguish the end of summer and relish the fact that the kids are back to school … think of Janus and look a the changing leaves.


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The morning … the key to a productive day.

I’m a morning person.  If I don’t get my butt out bed before the sun does … I feel like I’m behind the eight ball.

Yesterday I read posting by Jennifer Good, “Killer Habits For Starting Your Day.”   It’s a tremendous guide to “getting out of the shoot and down the track” first thing in the morning.  I already do a lot of things suggested, but there’s a couple I implemented this morning; such as getting something done before checking email and descending into the social media abyss.

I could get into detail here … but why when you can read it yourself.

You’ll thank me – or should I say thank Jennifer.

P.S.  This is for you Alex.


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