How to run a business in a recession … or not!

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Jim Albany in Denver.  He mentioned he had taken his fourteen year old son and his scout troop camping in the mountains.  Now, we're talking about camping in a tent at 7000 feet in Colorado in January. Wow!  Now I've camped a lot - … Continue reading How to run a business in a recession … or not!

Hail Fargo!

The last couple of weeks have brought back a lot of memories.  I went to college in North Dakota at the University in Grand Forks.  Twice in the late seventies and early eighties, I fought floods not unlike the one Fargo is facing presently - filling sand bags, walking dikes and watching for looters (with … Continue reading Hail Fargo!

Taking advantage of the resources available

What if they paid people to just come up with good ideas.  They don't have be ideas that make you rich.  They can just be good ideas.  Here's one. Back in the late 70's and early 80's, alternative energy was hot.  Jimmy Carter's investment tax credits and an energy crisis had created a new booming … Continue reading Taking advantage of the resources available

Stuff from the “gaping void”

Every day, I write a lot of little things on my pad.  Stuff I find in blogs, stuff I hear from people...well, just stuff.  Every week I go back and put them into "The Brain," my data base of stuff. I went to my pad and looked at November 12, 2008 - why, I don't … Continue reading Stuff from the “gaping void”

What does customer service mean to you?

All firms think they are "into customer service."  They're customer oriented, customer centric or in the words of Pizza Hut, "customer maniacs." But are they willing to prove it? Nineteen years ago, right after the birth of my daughter, my wife and I had an encounter with a new Acura dealership in Pasadena.  Three years … Continue reading What does customer service mean to you?