Creating memories … the Holy Grail of customer service

Fourteen years ago, my daughter Alex was seven years old and in 2nd grade. One day she had an after school activity. She was supposed to call me on the pay phone at the school when she wanted to be picked up. Alex brought seventy-five cents with her, three quarters. At thirty-five cents a call, we … Continue reading Creating memories … the Holy Grail of customer service

Buy local … or not

The chorus to "Buy Local" has become the new "Buy American." This is especially the case with the corporate shenanigans going on. GE doesn't pay taxes. The executives of Well Fargo and B of A should be in jail and Wal-mart is getting sued for discrimination by just about every woman who worked there in the last 10 years.  And even … Continue reading Buy local … or not

“The Death of a Salesman,” circa 2011

In 1949, Arthur Miller released his iconic play, "Death of a Salesman."  The sales landscape of sixty years ago is eerily similar to that of today.  America, and world for that fact, isn't creating sales jobs like before.  Of course you'll see ads for them in newspapers and on job boards - but the position … Continue reading “The Death of a Salesman,” circa 2011

No … it’s our fault!

Back a year and half ago, Fargo, North Dakota (my home state) was going through a potentially devastating flood.  Associated Press reported a story about Fargo's mayor,  Dennis Walaker - the hero of the Fargo flood.  Here's an excerpt from the story: "When an 8-year-old girl died after the car she was riding in spun out … Continue reading No … it’s our fault!

Are you talking Swahili to a Frenchman?

Updated July 5, 2013: This post was written three years ago, but it seems especially appropriate right now. In the last few days we've seen the successful coup by the military in Egypt. The military with the help and overwhelming support of the youth, the Millennials - ousted former Egyptian President Morsi in non-violently, in … Continue reading Are you talking Swahili to a Frenchman?