Who is your community?

Often we equate our community with our geographic neighborhood ... the neighbor down the block (whether we really know him or not), the businesses in our town and sometimes our Facebook friends. I view my community little differently. It's my Tweeps on Twitter - it's Jennifer Sertl, it's Melissa Pardo, it's Dawna Mclean it's Jay … Continue reading Who is your community?

Welcome to my “Perfect World”

Imagine if you could close your eyes, click your heels - and find yourself somewhere else, somewhere where your personal little world was just like you wanted it to be. About fifteen years ago I started using the phrase, “Road to Your Perfect World.” It was used mainly in the context of my recruiting business. … Continue reading Welcome to my “Perfect World”

Collaboration 2.0 (Part 2) … crossing the chasm!

Crowdsourcing is like herding cats. Everyone wants to go in their own direction - and seldom is it yours. Of course "crowdsourcing" is best added to a project that is already structurally sound w/ core stakeholders ... we don't always have that luxury. Thanks to Max Aetheling - for that bit of insight. In my May … Continue reading Collaboration 2.0 (Part 2) … crossing the chasm!

Collaboration 2.0 … from ideas to action!

I originally wrote this post two years ago so some of the cultural references are out of date. But even after two years, I believe the message still applies. This is especially the case in many "groups" on Facebook and Google+. There's a lot of extremely talented and well directed people lending excellent ideas. But … Continue reading Collaboration 2.0 … from ideas to action!

Invest in the future … fund a ChangeMaker!

There 's been a lot of attention recently about the benefits of crowds. Everything is being crowdsourced. A project that wants to get crowdfunded, posts its project or idea on a website dedicated to soliciting small investments. These investments are often as small as ten dollars and seldom larger than a hundred. For your investment, you … Continue reading Invest in the future … fund a ChangeMaker!