On the Road to Our Perfect World

About thirty years ago, while building my recruiting firm, I coined the term, “On the Road to Your Perfect World.” In a nutshell it means; in life and all its nuances, it’s the journey that matters not the destination. It’s the experiences of life that create the human beings we are. And maybe more than … Continue reading On the Road to Our Perfect World

Who are you?

Social media discussions too often disregard context. As a result, the conversation (if you call it that) descends into the abyss of warring tribalism, bias and ideology. Parties on both ends of the spectrum are at fault. We read comments and react; knowing nothing about who it is writing them. We take everything literally based … Continue reading Who are you?

“The One You Feed …”

With polarization and animosity becoming the norm in today’s society. Maybe we should start with thinking about where it all comes from. __________________________ An elderly Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life… He said to them, “A fight is going on inside me, it is a terrible fight and it is between two … Continue reading “The One You Feed …”

Situational Leadership

A few days before Christmas 2016, a phone call took place that no one could have predicted. One of the world’s most esteemed HIV doctors, Professor Sheena McCormack – whose life’s work as an epidemiologist has been to track and fight the virus – picked up the phone to deliver a message that would make … Continue reading Situational Leadership

The Failing of a State

Two years ago I wrote a post called The Failing of a Town. This tragic piece features the story of Deon Gillen of Livingston, Montana. Gillen was repeated bullied in school, often being called stupid and retarded. After numerous failed attempts over several years by his mother to get the school to intervene, Deon finally … Continue reading The Failing of a State

Wisdom from a 3rd Grader: “Boxes, Lockers and Islands”

Too often we fall into the trap of looking at everyone through the same lens. No surprise that our dealings with them don't always turn out as we wish. This lens we use is normally the one we've constructed for ourselves. How we look at things is how we expect everyone else to. I originally … Continue reading Wisdom from a 3rd Grader: “Boxes, Lockers and Islands”

“It may not be about you!”

It's so easy to be wrapped up in our own worlds we look at everything as "us" centric. We assume what goes on with other people we interact with is somehow always due to our presence in the situation. A few years back I was traveling on Amtrak from Orange County, California to Seattle to … Continue reading “It may not be about you!”