Flowers On The Side Of The Road

Social media gives us the opportunity to enrich ourselves through conversation and stimuli as we make our way on our journey through our daily lives. Some of these encounters will evolve from random tweets and comments into lasting relationships - others will be only fleeting escapades, metaphorical one night stands after the bar closes. Accept … Continue reading Flowers On The Side Of The Road

Who are you?

Social media discussions too often disregard context. As a result, the conversation (if you call it that) descends into the abyss of warring tribalism, bias and ideology. Parties on both ends of the spectrum are at fault. We read comments and react; knowing nothing about who it is writing them. We take everything literally based … Continue reading Who are you?

Why don’t I know who you are?

Social media discussions most often disregard context, context based on the perspective of author. Instead most discourse happens only on a surface level. What if instead of automatically jumping into a discussion and making judgement calls we first looked at the background of the authors and commenters. But this can only be accomplished if we know … Continue reading Why don’t I know who you are?

“… just an opportunity missed”

Today is Facebook Day, the day of the much awaited Facebook IPO. It's the day we usher in hundreds (if not thousands) of new millionaires and even a couple of billionaires. In fact, I'm almost surprised the Google doodle wasn't a takeoff of the Facebook logo ... well, almost. Facebook's stock went public this morning … Continue reading “… just an opportunity missed”

Can marketing and social media coexist?

I posted this as a comment on a LinkedIn discussion forum in the group "Marketing Your Printing Company."  I've pretty much thought of this as my approach since I started down the social media trail.  It's kinda nice to have it down a paper though. I think we need to look at the entire process … Continue reading Can marketing and social media coexist?