Build … Don’t Tear Down

With the rise of Bernie Sanders, the socialist anti-capitalist rhetoric has surfaced again in the political arena. Only now it appears like it's gaining traction. Sanders' campaign, which in the past would be nothing more than an idealistic third-party run, has been a legitimate threat to the coronation of America's first female president. Excuse my sarcasm … Continue reading Build … Don’t Tear Down

My Road to Political Disillusionment

It was late winter 2008 in Southern California. I split my time between a printing plant in Los Angeles and the high desert on the back side of the Angeles Mountains north of Los Angeles. Eight years of a Bush White House were coming to an end; and it seemed like America might be turning the … Continue reading My Road to Political Disillusionment

What do the genetics of a Bengal Cat and the evolution of economics have in common?

The United States is caught up in the hysterical frenzy of politics right now. Being the ratings whores they are, the media couldn't have asked for a better scenario. They have a reality television show they can run twenty-four hours a day covering ad nauseam. Every mundane action and reaction, every tic and response is documented and … Continue reading What do the genetics of a Bengal Cat and the evolution of economics have in common?

“Will we let ourselves be pillaged?” Serena … circa 2015

This weekend I watched the newly released movie 'Serena,' directed by Susanne Bier and starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. The source material for the movie, the book 'Serena,' written by Ron Rash of Appalachia, takes place in North Carolina at the beginning of the great depression in the 1930s. 'Serena' is a riveting tale of greed and … Continue reading “Will we let ourselves be pillaged?” Serena … circa 2015

Creating “A Society Within Itself”

Updated: January 10, 2015 With the unprecedented level of government dysfunction in Washington D.C. and no hopes of any change in sight, everyone is trying to find a solution to our broken system. Much blame has been placed at the foot of the Republicans obstructionism, specifically the Tea Party movement led by Ted Cruz. However … Continue reading Creating “A Society Within Itself”