Potholes in the “Road to the Perfect World”

As of last October, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was getting ready to battle my mother’s Alzheimer’s as part of the increasing complexity of being an elder caregiver. She has now since died. Fortunately I was in good shape (at least for me). Physically I was more fit than I’d been in … Continue reading Potholes in the “Road to the Perfect World”

A Window Into Your Teenager’s Mind

A few months ago I spent some time at the dentist, specifically to get a crown put on. Going to the dentist has never been an issue for me, as it is with many. I actually kind of like the social interaction (which says a lot about my life - or lack there of). While … Continue reading A Window Into Your Teenager’s Mind

The Failing of a State

Two years ago I wrote a post called The Failing of a Town. This tragic piece features the story of Deon Gillen of Livingston, Montana. Gillen was repeated bullied in school, often being called stupid and retarded. After numerous failed attempts over several years by his mother to get the school to intervene, Deon finally … Continue reading The Failing of a State

Peer leadership and searching for your own Billie

Every member of your community is unique and adds to its colorful fabric. Everyone has something to offer and everyone should be heard – no matter their age or social standing. And just maybe their words are the exact ones you need to hear. ______________________ I love metaphors. The connecting of apparently unrelated items and … Continue reading Peer leadership and searching for your own Billie

Battling our Epidemic of Loneliness

Eight years ago I wrote my first blog post here. The topic was silos; how cities and towns isolate themselves and competing against each other to the detriment of both - while cooperation would be mutually beneficial. Silos aren't limited to civic strategy and geographic jingoism though. They're everywhere. Silos are easy to create. They … Continue reading Battling our Epidemic of Loneliness