Small business and 1:1 marketing .. the solution?

The printing industry (my industry for last twenty years) has been stagnant for sometime now.  The rush towards social media has only made matters only worse.  One of the only bright spots has been variable data printing or 1:1 marketing.  Every piece coming off a digital press can be different from the one before and … Continue reading Small business and 1:1 marketing .. the solution?

What are you going to be when you grow up?

I ran across an individual,Sabera, in a networking group I belong to called the Brazen Careerist.  This young lady wanted advice on how to brand herself.  Her dilemma is that she has multiple interests.  She is a marketing consultant and feels that is where her income potential is.  But she is also a food enthusiast … Continue reading What are you going to be when you grow up?

Why Should We Keep Print Alive?

I've been following a group on Twitter called #helpprintthrive.  It's a discussion about how can the printing industry can, well - thrive. I've spent the last 20+ years in the printing industry ... and I'm as much for keeping the industry viable as much as the next person, but I'm starting to have second thoughts. In … Continue reading Why Should We Keep Print Alive?

Are you talking Swahili to a Frenchman?

Updated July 5, 2013: This post was written three years ago, but it seems especially appropriate right now. In the last few days we've seen the successful coup by the military in Egypt. The military with the help and overwhelming support of the youth, the Millennials - ousted former Egyptian President Morsi in non-violently, in … Continue reading Are you talking Swahili to a Frenchman?

Passing Uphill – version 2010

How do you react when things are difficult. We've been hearing about how we are coming out of the recession we're in.  Overall this may be true.  Certain industries are expanding but it's still very hard out there.  We're not all Apple.  But that doesn't mean we can't learn from them. When I was in … Continue reading Passing Uphill – version 2010

The 11th Commandment

It has come to my attention that Moses did not bring ten commandments down the Mount.  There is an eleventh ... thou may only leave ONE message when trying to contact someone. Or at least it seems that way. With all methods of communications these days; voice mail, email, Twitter, Facebook, texting and, believe or … Continue reading The 11th Commandment

A creative approach to panhandling

I have been visiting my daughter, Alex, in Westwood, the last few days, and every morning I go for a long walk with my new iPod (my first one). I ran across a guy who was carrying an art briefcase.  You know, the big ones.  He was clean cut and looked very respectable - like … Continue reading A creative approach to panhandling