The Alliance

Changes in environment often require changes in thinking. In 1876 two mortal enemies found that the differences they had between them paled in comparison to the a threat both of them encountered.  After the Civil War, the U.S. government turned it's attention to the Wild West and the fight against the Indians - or as … Continue reading The Alliance

Employee motivation – a case study

In the late eighties, I was part of a team that published commercial art and printing directories.  In 1986 our Twin Cities Creative Sourcebook's tab pages were awarded PIA's (Printing Industry of America's) "best of" category for broadside printing.  Simply put, it was was the best print job in the United States in 1986. I … Continue reading Employee motivation – a case study

How to run a business in a recession … or not!

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Jim Albany in Denver.  He mentioned he had taken his fourteen year old son and his scout troop camping in the mountains.  Now, we're talking about camping in a tent at 7000 feet in Colorado in January. Wow!  Now I've camped a lot - … Continue reading How to run a business in a recession … or not!