What do you see?

Too many of us worry about others - what others think of us, what they see when they look at us. But before you worry what others see ... what do YOU see? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ I can be found on Twitter at @clayforsberg and Google+ at Clay Forsberg

Sticks … and perception

What's a pile of sticks? To one it's an eyesore. "Why don't they just haul them away." To another, it's heat ... or maybe even a piece of art. And maybe to the person who put them there - it could be cleansing, a moving ahead. It's that yard work that finally got done. Sticks, … Continue reading Sticks … and perception

Window of opportunity …

The old adage says "don't judge a book by its cover." Opportunities are no different. People, places and even things often seem nothing as they really are. From the surface they say "walk on by." But what lies behind that window ... you'll never know - unless you look inside. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ I can be … Continue reading Window of opportunity …

Are your fields clear?

Spring has arrived. Have you cleared your fields? Are they ready to plant? Have you cleared your mind? Is it ready for new ideas - new inspiration? A mind ... like a field, needs care and rejuvenation to grow. Is your mind clear. Is it ready to grow? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ I can be found on … Continue reading Are your fields clear?

Stairway to Nowhere

Where are you going? Where is your life taking you? Are you climbing a stairway, a stairway to nowhere? It's never too late to climb back down ... and climb a stairway to somewhere. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ I can be found on Twitter at @clayforsberg and Google+ at Clay Forsberg

Fences …

_______________________ In the United States in the 1800's, the term "free-range" was commonplace. Traditional American usage equates "free-range" with "unfenced," and with the implication that there was no herdsman keeping livestock together or managing them in any way. With the proliferation of fencing and the desire to keep poachers at bay, "free-range" quickly became a thing … Continue reading Fences …

Kids, Boxes and Zolos

If you have or have ever had children, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's Christmas morning, your little ones are up and ripping into their presents. They're happy as clams with your well-thought-out purchases. But then it happens. Their attention wanes ... and then re-focuses - but not on the toys. It's the … Continue reading Kids, Boxes and Zolos