Staying Strong

Monday morning I got up early and prepared myself for I thought would be my last three-day session of chemo treatments for my lymphoma (Using the word "my" in reference to having cancer seemed odd writing it, but I suppose if I take ownership over it - it won't own me) . Unfortunately I got … Continue reading Staying Strong

“A Saturday In May”: A Study In Engagement

Back several years ago, when visiting my daughter in Los Angeles, I was on a walk through West L.A. when I ran across a homeless man collecting cans and bottles from a dumpster. I stopped and we talked for about for fifteen minutes. We talked about a lot things; the weather, the BP oil spill … Continue reading “A Saturday In May”: A Study In Engagement


What is it with 100.4° No matter what cancer doctor you talk to, that's the magic number. Your temperature hits 100.4° you better get your butt (as well as the rest you) to the hospital. Chemotherapy trashes your immune system and an elevated temperature, even at that level, signals an infection - probably one you're not going … Continue reading 100.4°

Well-being, Hope … and the Role of Community

From the time we're barely old enough to walk, the concept of "what we're going to do" is instilled into us. Our parents have these grand aspirations for us - and rightly so. Society has always pegged the idea of who we are firmly encased in our occupation. And the higher paying these"jobs" are, the … Continue reading Well-being, Hope … and the Role of Community

A Pothole in the ‘Road to My Perfect World’

Update 2/26/2017: Last Monday I found out I'll be going back into chemotherapy treatment for another six month session. Tomorrow at 7:00am I start the process. My remission was short-lived, about 18 months. Fortunately though a DNA test showed the prognosis is good even though this session will be more intense with more side effects. The treatment … Continue reading A Pothole in the ‘Road to My Perfect World’