Creating a New Healthcare Paradigm

The healthcare community has been abuzz the last couple weeks over the Apple Watch's ability (or not) to detect irregular heartbeats in attempt to predict atrial fibrillation. Enthusiasts, naysayers, survivors, Eric Topol, and everyone else in between have been giving their assessment of the results of 400,000+ person study done in conjunction with Stanford University. … Continue reading Creating a New Healthcare Paradigm

Hobbes, Hume … and Healthcare

A recent 60 Minutes episode on the Stoneman Douglas leaders of the #neveragain movement included a discussion with Emma Gonzales' mother. We stand behind her, Emma's mother's friends said. "You go out and get that law changed. But where are we - we should have done this 20 years ago." - was the elder Gonzales' … Continue reading Hobbes, Hume … and Healthcare

An Open Letter to Healthcare’s C-Suite

I didn't think I was going write anything more about my cancer experience - at least in the near term. I'm just kind of done with it. I finished my chemo and now I have to conjure up whatever "mind over matter ninja magic" I can to keep it at bay for the foreseeable future. … Continue reading An Open Letter to Healthcare’s C-Suite

Life during Trump, Part 1: “Recognizing the Problem”

“The mind…can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” ― John Milton It's hard for people to empathize with you when you're going through chemo. I'm not looking for sympathy and I'm not saying people don't try. It's just one of those tough subjects. There's always that specter of death that hangs over the conversation. This possible prognosis, correct or not … Continue reading Life during Trump, Part 1: “Recognizing the Problem”