The “Kernel,” Your Community’s Cross-Generational Ecosystem

"Beth Jacob is a New Orleans architect and historian whose research specializes in the historic preservation and adaptive reuse of New Orleans’ public markets. Jacob found that these markets and public spaces did more than just offer a space for communities to buy staples. They were true neighborhood places that served as anchors that attracted … Continue reading The “Kernel,” Your Community’s Cross-Generational Ecosystem

“Bridging the Gap”

“Torii Hunter was drafted by the Minnesota Twins back in 1993, and his first two spring trainings happened to coincide with Kirby Puckett’s final two years in the majors in 1994 and 1995. As a high school kid out of Arkansas, Hunter soaked up as much knowledge as he could from the future Hall of … Continue reading “Bridging the Gap”

‘Farm-to-School-to-Market’ … Cross-Generational Entrepreneurial Synthesis

A couple of days ago I was having a Twitter discussion with Sandra, from Nebraska. Sandra is hard-core in the 'farm-to-school' movement. Actually it really shouldn't even be called a movement since it's just common sense. She posted an article from NPR discussing the fact that revenue from farmers markets nationwide have more or less peaked and in … Continue reading ‘Farm-to-School-to-Market’ … Cross-Generational Entrepreneurial Synthesis

Uber, Lyft, the ‘Nomad Movement’ … and the new ‘American Dream’

A couple weeks ago I was reading a piece by Joe Mathews in Zocalo, a Los Angeles publication that focuses on culture, ideas and local politics. The title was: "Yes, Airbnb has a dark side." The piece was about the sharing economy and it's relationship with existing rules and regulation. Considering the title Joe bestowed upon his prose, … Continue reading Uber, Lyft, the ‘Nomad Movement’ … and the new ‘American Dream’

“Millennials Rising” … circa 2013

This piece was originally published February 4, 2011. But considering events of the last few days, especially today's overthrow of Mohamed Morsi's Muslim dominated Egyptian government ... I believe it warrants a revisit. Over the past year I've been writing about the Millennial Generation, Generation Y and their propensity to band together and move as groups. … Continue reading “Millennials Rising” … circa 2013