“What do we do now?” A Civic Call-To-Action!

From way back I’ve been interested in politics. Actually interested may be an understatement. I remember being consoled while crying by the principal in 1968 as a 4th grader in North Dakota. It was the day after the Humphrey/Nixon election and I couldn’t understand why the black constituent in the South side of Chicago didn’t … Continue reading “What do we do now?” A Civic Call-To-Action!

Plugging the Small Town “Brain Drain”

America is obsessed with sports. And nowhere is this more evident than with high school sports. Very often 16 and 17 year olds are the masthead of a community's sense of pride. How goes the local high school football or basketball team ... so goes the collective psyche of the community. This is especially the case … Continue reading Plugging the Small Town “Brain Drain”

Let’s Clean Up the World!

When I started the Community 3.0 project a few years ago my goals was to synthesize community civic empowerment with organic small business development. In doing that I proposed the concept of turning locally owned businesses into a concept I termed "Front Porches." A Front Porch was a hub for informal community gatherings designed to promote … Continue reading Let’s Clean Up the World!

America and Its Exceptionalism

I wasn't going to post anything today, but Dave 'Tex' Smith, a good colleague of mine from Australia posted a wonderful tribute to America yesterday on Facebook. Aside from the fact that I was honored to be called out in it (in a good way) ... it got me thinking about whether or not we really … Continue reading America and Its Exceptionalism

The Caregiving Dilemma …

One of the most difficult circumstances affecting families is the care of an elderly member. I remember when I was growing up in North Dakota thirty years ago, common practice was to put them in an “old folks home.” Or should I say commit them, commit them to their death. I hated visiting my grandmother … Continue reading The Caregiving Dilemma …