Fences …

________________________ In the United States in the 1800's, the term "free-range" was commonplace. Traditional American usage equates "free-range" with "unfenced"; and with the implication that there was no herdsman keeping livestock together or managing them in any way. With the proliferation of fencing and the desire to keep poachers at bay, "free-range" quickly became a thing … Continue reading Fences …

“Rhizomes and Front Porches”

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." Demosthenes In my last post, Recognizing the Problem: Part 1, I vented my frustration, dismay and utter anger over the current political situation in the United States. But if I lived somewhere else, such as Great Britain; I'm sure my response would be similar. Regardless of the … Continue reading “Rhizomes and Front Porches”

“Recognizing the Problem”: Part 1

“The mind…can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” ― John Milton It's hard for people to empathize with you when have to deal with cancer. It's not really about sympathy and I'm not saying people don't try. It's just one of those tough subjects. There's always that specter of death that hangs over the conversation. This possible prognosis, likely … Continue reading “Recognizing the Problem”: Part 1

Change Your ‘Chief of Staff’

Well it’s almost the beginning of another year; this one being 2020. And with it comes a resurgence of optimism (maybe not politically, but at least personally) taking form in our annual resolutions. We all want to believe that this year will be the one when the promises we make to ourselves; to lose weight, … Continue reading Change Your ‘Chief of Staff’

On the Road to Our Perfect World

About thirty years ago, while building my recruiting firm, I coined the term, “On the Road to Your Perfect World.” In a nutshell it means; in life and all its nuances, it’s the journey that matters not the destination. It’s the experiences of life that create the human beings we are. And maybe more than … Continue reading On the Road to Our Perfect World