Flowers On The Side Of The Road

Social media gives us the opportunity to enrich ourselves through conversation and stimuli as we make our way on our journey through our daily lives. Some of these encounters will evolve from random tweets and comments into lasting relationships - others will be only fleeting escapades, metaphorical one night stands after the bar closes. Accept … Continue reading Flowers On The Side Of The Road

Escaping The Institutional Abyss

We create our own prisons. We shackle ourselves; binding our thoughts, actions and reactions to anything familiar, constant, and safe. Novel decisions, steps into the unknown, are forsaken in lieu of habits and addictions. Our brain ends up being little more than a tenement building housing bundles of synaptic routines - many of which having … Continue reading Escaping The Institutional Abyss

A Window Into Your Teenager’s Mind

A few months ago I spent some time at the dentist, specifically to get a crown put on. Going to the dentist has never been an issue for me, as it is with many. I actually kind of like the social interaction (which says a lot about my life - or lack there of). While … Continue reading A Window Into Your Teenager’s Mind

Fences …

________________________ In the United States in the 1800's, the term "free-range" was commonplace.¬†Traditional American usage equates "free-range" with "unfenced"; and with the implication that there was no herdsman keeping livestock together or managing them in any way. With the proliferation of fencing and the desire to keep poachers at bay, "free-range" quickly became a thing … Continue reading Fences …

“Rhizomes and Front Porches”

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." Demosthenes In my last post, Recognizing the Problem: Part 1, I vented my frustration, dismay and utter anger over the current political situation in the United States. But if I lived somewhere else, such as Great Britain; I'm sure my response would be similar. Regardless of the … Continue reading “Rhizomes and Front Porches”