What if things would never be the same again …

Update, January 24, 2017: I wrote this five years ago during the midst of the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring. The change that many of us hoped for never happened. What is happening in the United States today is a whole different matter. Our federal government, and many of the state governments, are hell-bent on imposing upon us their version of change which is nothing more than a dictatorial societal retreat. While not identical, the message of this post parallels our situation today. The status quo isn’t an option – and maybe it shouldn’t be. Progress is not linear. It’s a series of lunges forward, steps back and deep breaths. Patience and persistence must always be with us.


Published December 15, 2011

Yesterday TIME magazine came out with their “Person of the Year” award. It wasn’t really a person, well not just one. TIME’s “Person of the Year” was “the Protestor.” By it’s very definition a protestor objects to the status quo. Protestors want change. We saw this in the Middle East and the “Arab Spring” and we’re seeing it here – first with Occupy Wall Street and now occupations across the United States and the world.

“Are you ready for change?”

It’s obvious that we are in a period of transition, a period of change. And whether we like it or not, there’s nothing we can do about it. But what if the change was so profound that, “things would never be the same again?”

What if unemployment didn’t drop? What if our “do nothing” government did nothing? What if corporate America didn’t start hiring – but rather continued to ship jobs oversees and spend their ballooning profits on productivity  rather than people?

What if the realization finally sets in that a college degree no longer provides that fail-safe career protection. Instead of the promise of a BMW in the garage and an ever-increasing 401K – you get a five if not six figure school loan debt. And no longer does getting a higher education land you that decade long dream job with a Fortune 500 company.

What if investing in that “white picket fence” doesn’t provide that retirement security it did for you parents. What if buying that house did nothing but turn you up-side down, and send you underwater because of that reworked mortgage you thought was such a good deal at the time. And what if that same mortgage not only strapped you today, but also anchored you to an area where employment opportunities were slim at best … far away from the new hotbeds economic success.

Unfortunately too much of the time, we evaluate ourselves by the money we have in bank, the toys we have in the garage and the address on that diploma on the wall. As we’re finding out now, and as our predecessors found out, times of change, “times when things aren’t the same anymore” – monetary worth is fragile. We may try to hedge, set up backup plans and do whatever we can to preserve our “things” – but we can’t stop the wheels of change. And often our “things” get run over in the process.

If we choose to pursue a life based on security and the preservation of the status quo, we have to make assumptions, assumptions based on the past and the value systems of prior generations. Unemployment will drop, college is a safe bet, buying a house is your retirement and success is “things” – may no longer be relevant.

But “what if things would never be the same again.” What would you do?

A few years ago, I saw a movie about life after an economic and societal meltdown. Things that were valuable before, were no long. And those taken for granted, such as water and gasoline – were invaluable.

Now I’m not predicting Armageddon, but it’s obvious that we’re staring right in the face of change – not just here, but worldwide. What you hold near and dear, may soon be gone. That security that was always first and foremost in your mind, may now become nothing but a memory of “the good old days.” All the constants you believed in … are now just more variables, variables you have to figure out. What are you going to do?

You have two options. You can hang on to yesterday – a yesterday that may never be again. Or you can look forward to living life differently – shedding yourselves of the same, the convenient, the comfortable – and replacing it with the unpredictable, the inconvenient and the exciting. Rather than fearing the inevitable change, what if you embraced it? What if you built your life and raised your children to expect the unexpected and be prepared for it.

When I say unexpected though … I don’t necessarily mean bad. Not having rock-solid security is not a death sentence, it’s not a cancer diagnosis. In fact it may be the key that unlocks the door of your self-imposed prison. Imagine every morning you looked forward to what the day could bring you, who you could meet – that opportunity that could change your life for the better. Imagine this … rather than worrying about what wasn’t in place or what could happen when you retire.

One thing we know for sure – things change. They’re not going to be same tomorrow as they were yesterday, no matter how much you may want it to be. The only question will be is how you handle it.

“The mind can make heaven of hell … and hell of heaven.”

Personally I don’t do well in the heat, how about you?


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2 thoughts on “What if things would never be the same again …

  1. Dear Clay, I would beg you to remember that “the Federal Government” is not a uniform blob of authoritarian bureaucrats. Many within “it” are protestors as well who truly serve for the greater good, are putting their jobs on the line to speak truth to power, and are some of the most concerned (and informed) citizens caught up in this strange new reality. There is certainly cause for great concern, but your point is also well taken about the opportunity to release ourselves from our own prisons. I hope this era will not hurt the thousands of people out there under threat of disease, war, famine, and unemployment. I hope it makes us all more compassionate and caring in the long-term.

    1. I agree. I didn’t intent to include those “working” in the government in real jobs. And yes I know many wonderful people in government. Politicians, on both sides of the isle, have turned the government into polarized mess of where ideology takes priority over the people. Unfortunately the people on the ground doing the work have are caught in the middle. That being said, I do believe there will be a lot of people hurt during this period of change. We can minimize the damage however if we look elsewhere for our support structure. And I believe this “elsewhere” is in our communities and with our neighbors. Is this alternative perfect – no it’s not. But when the country rises from the probable ashes of this administration (in my view), then we will all be stronger and will have established a more organic means of support and well-being to move forward. We can almost look at as an evolution.

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