“What’s your currency” … thoughts on resolutions 2013

It’s been three months since I’ve written my last post. My head exploded due to the non-stop juvenile coverage of our recent election combined with the equally juvenile absurd behavior of the “insane clown posse” posing as our elected officials, which for so unknown reason we keep electing to lead this country. Anything I would have written would have been full of venom. I need not subject anyone to that.

In a couple a days we will begin a new year. The world didn’t come to end on December 21 as some predicted or maybe even wanted, so I guess we’re all in it for another round. And with each new year comes the inevitable plethora of “to be unfulfilled resolutions.”

Each January 1 begins with the same resolutions, like a broken record. Lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with family, get in shape, and on and on. But inevitably history will repeat itself. For most, all the good intentions will take a back seat to the pursuit of all mighty dollar. After all isn’t the most important thing in life to buy more “stuff.” We can never have enough “stuff.” Doesn’t “stuff” determine who we are. We can’t afford to not keep up with the “Joneses” next door. And with the Christmas shopping numbers down to levels not seen since 2008, the national media is now touting, “consumer confidence is declining and we are on the verge of another recession.” So the pressure is on to buy even more “stuff'” in 2013.


But what if some of us actually show some enlightenment this coming year. What if some of us decide to look past the shackles of “stuff.”

What if this New Year, instead of pontificating the same old tired resolutions, we dug deeper … deep enough to reassess our core values – the currency of our true worth. Two years ago I wrote a piece called “Will we ever stop dragging our knuckles?” I tried to look at society, but mainly at myself, and what actually matters … what my form did my personal currency take.

I’m past the point of assessing my value, my worth, in monetary terms. I’ve been there and done it. I’ve had the apartments by beach, I’ve lived on the Bay. I’ve had the art (which now resides in my daughter’s one bedroom apartment in North Hollywood). I’ve looked at my value to world in terms of consumption and accumulation.

But living for four years in a motel, or a car and even a tent gave me a new perspective. Virtually ever day I would get a call from Alex, my daughter, “Where are we staying tonight, the Sea Horse Inn or Wilderness Park?” Buying the new and greatest “stuff” was the furthest from my mind. I could have dropped into depression … but I didn’t. I started looking at other avenues of self-worth. This what I came up with. It’s kind of wonky , but what the hell!

My value is the sum total of all positive synaptic connections I have a role in creating, both in myself and in others. In other words, the more I can get people thinking in ways they wouldn’t otherwise think in – and correspondingly act in ways that benefit themselves and others … the more I’m worth.

That was pretty much the genesis of this blog.

So maybe this year when you sit down and conjure up those resolution “pipe dreams,” try thinking out of box. Imagine if your resolutions were about others rather than about you. Now that’s a novel idea. Maybe there’s more to life than working to the bone for that new car, or boat, or that dream house.

It’s really not that hard. Take a look a Rocky’s story below. If he can do it … you can.

Who knows … maybe that resolution might even stick.

<p>Video from <a href=”http://www.karmatube.org”>KarmaTube</a></p&gt;

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