A thought for 2012 …

Well with 2012 only a day away, of course it’s time for resolutions.

It’s time for you to profess you’re going to do the things you said you’d do last year … but probably didn’t.

It’s time, with the dropping of the ball in Time Square, for you to all of sudden done a cape – and become “super-human,” accomplishing things unimaginable just hours before.

Let’s make it easy, this year. You don’t have to be perfect, but I have to believe if you try – everything else, will just fall into place.

And maybe those other resolutions, otherwise probably just “pipe-dreams” … might not be on your list next year.


Leave every person, every place and everything, better off from you being there.


"Make a difference in 2012"


In 2012 join me on Twitter @clayforsberg


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