Who really cares about $4 gas prices … we don’t!

Contrary to the media overload on the gas price crisis – Americans really don’t care about the extra cost. Sure they’ll complain. But aside from those who make a living on the road, like truck drivers, it’s really no big deal, a few less dollars in the pocket – but really no big deal. If it was, we would change our behavior.

Irvine, California

And I’m not talking about buying a hybrid. I’m saying not driving, not using a car as a recreational vehicle where you just go out for spin to clear the head or drive to store at every whim. If gas prices were a big deal then people would the use bus, or the train, or carpool, or bike or even walk. Aside from a slight uptick in public transportation use … this isn’t happening. And we all know a little exercise would do this country wonders.

The United States is used to prosperity and independence, and car embodies this. Our cars are as much a status symbol as transportation. Our value is determined by that hunk of steel, plastic and electronics in our garage. Our car is an extension of our very being. To not want a better vehicle than our next door neighbor is, well … Un-American.

Until either gas price gets to a point where it’s either gas or something significant, not just a “another meal out a week” – or we change our value systems … all we’ll do is complain, and nothing more.


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3 thoughts on “Who really cares about $4 gas prices … we don’t!

  1. It’s sad but how can we hope gas price rise would change habits so deeply integrated to our daily routines and habits ?

    For years people have known cigarette kills. Millions are still smoking and laughing.

    What will it take to make people change?
    I strongly believe positive reinforcement would be much more efficient to alter behaviours.

    My 2 cents.


  2. Yes! You’ve said more eloquently what I’ve been mumbling about for a long time (in the UK). On a daily basis I see people leaving the engine running whilst they pick up newspaper, or take phone call, or accelerating aggressively at the green light only to brake 5 seconds later at they catch up the next queue.
    When I was a kid people used to relocate if they moved jobs, now they just drive 20, 50, 70 miles a day. Lifestyle changes can cut gas/petrol consumption by 100%, not the 10% you get through more efficient engineering…
    Best regards


  3. You make some good points, Clay. I agree that most people will complain about the gas prices but still won’t change their behavior. I am lucky that I am able to avoid a long commute to work. Even so, tomorrow I will start cycling to work. The weather is gorgeous in Florida right now. I hope others will take the opportunity to improve their health and their wallet.

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