Small opportunities … and 2011

“Small opportunities often turn into great enterprises.”  Demosthenes (384 BC – 322 BC)

I’ve kind of adopted that quote.  I have it on my business card.  It’s on my bio on Twitter and other on-line identities.

Opportunities can mean pretty much anything to anyone.  I look at it as “opportunities to change.”

This is my message for 2011.  It’s easy just to go through life, personally and professionally … and keep doing the same old things.  This is time of New Years’ resolutions.  And mine is to keep my eyes open for these “small opportunities” and turn them into something.  Hopefully something big.  But regardless, I’m going to try.

Small opportunities

Now every day we all have all kinds of opportunities come our way.  We see some of them … and some of them we don’t.  But very few, do we act on.  Little do we know – that one little opportunity, that opportunity to change, may be the one thing that changes our lives – maybe even turn into a “great enterprise.”

Here’s some ideas, for both you and your business:

  • Get on Twitter
  • Get up a half an hour earlier
  • Hire someone
  • Listen to your teenagers’ music
  • Add another business niche
  • Comment in your local newspaper or on a blog

All the opportunities in the world mean nothing though, if they’re not acted on.  So get out there and do something.  It doesn’t have involve moving mountains.  Moving that single pebble, though might just be enough to start the avalanche.

Good luck in your quest to change in 2011.


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