Trends for 2011 … at least the ones I’d like to see.

It seems like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is good for one thing … and no it’s not shopping – that’s assumed.   It’s lists of the trends for next year.  In the past four days I’ve read predictions on social media, politics, entertainment, loyalty programs and just about everything else you can think of.  Anybody who’s anybody feels they should drag out the carcass of Nostradamus and throw out their take on their view of the future.

Well here’s mine … well kinda.  I’m not going to tell you what I think is going to happen, but rather what I want to happen.  I’m not going to get into the obvious.  We all want to end the quagmire in the Middle East, we want the homeless to be fed and housed and we all want more greenbacks in our wallet – or our PayPal account.  I want to discuss things that will get us closer to these and other big picture items.  Kind of like a list mini solutions.

It pretty much follows the quote on my Twitter bio: “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” – Demosthenes (384 BC–322 BC)

Every day or so I’m going to lay out an item; some profound and some, well just pet peeves that I think to need to be addressed.  Understand that a lot of these are these are reflections of my day-to-day activities, so bear with me.

But most of all – I want this dissertation to be a “jumping off point” for discussion.  I want input, good bad or indifferent.  Throw out your own views, your ‘Perfect World’ for 2011.  Only through discussion and collaboration can anything get done.

Well here’s “My Perfect World … 2011.”  Suggestion #1:

Put physical education back in school.

This just seems like a no-brainer to me.  Everyday, all we hear is how physical activity helps us every way imaginable.  It helps brain fitness.  It helps prevent obesity.  Do I need to go on?

Improving school performance is one thing that everybody can agree no matter what your political affiliation.  Every president has their ideas and programs on how to solve our declining standing in education rankings.  So why do we strap our children with a ball and chain.  We make them sit in school seven hour plus a day … yes sit.  And we all do this while we as parents obsess about ourselves with our treadmills, stair climbers and fitness centers.  We worry about child obesity and fast food but do nothing about it except pass the buck to the politicians to mandate social legislation.

If as a kid you develop fitness habits when you’re young – habits you’ll carry through in later years.  Anybody who wasn’t in shape as a teenager know how hard it is to get in shape as an adult.  Why would be we want to wish this on our children.  And no, organized school sports are not for everybody.  As anyone who’s done it knows there’s a whole subculture there that is not for a lot of students.  And on top of it – a lot of kids just don’t like traditional sports.

Why don’t we have the kids help determine what physical activities they want to participate in – as long as the activity contributes to fitness.  The goal here is not so much to teach the ins and outs of a sport (a sport us as parents are interested in) but rather get the kids up and moving so their brains are ready to learn the things they have to – like math, writing, etc.  Imagine a phy ed teacher who’s a skateboarder rather than a football player.  You think a few of the disenfranchised teenagers at risk might pay attention a bit more?  You think so!

And no I don’t want to hear about budget concerns.  Does a contractor skimp on the foundation of a building to save money.  No – there’s even laws for that.  What do we expect when we build the foundation of our children on a landfill?

Figure out where the money will come from!  If enough parents pull their heads out of 24 Hour Fitness long enough – the solutions will appear.

I’ve said enough.  Now I want to hear from you …


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