Happy Birthday Alex ;-)

Today is my daughter Alexandria’s twenty-first birthday.  As a way to send her into adulthood or … “On the Road of her Perfect World,”  I gave her a framed copy of my following “roadside assistance.”

Take what you can from it.


  • LEAD Amongst a generation of heroes … there still needs to be the one that leads.
  • FEED YOUR OPTIMISM In the tale of the two wolves … the one that gets fed wins.
  • EMBRACE CHANGE “It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive and flourish, it’s the ones most able to change.”  Charles Darwin
  • GIVE Leave every person, place and thing better off from you being there.
  • REMEMBER THE PAST While your future may burn bright, it’s in your past the bulb was built.
  • HAVE FUN All the victories, all the accomplishments are but hollow action without a smile.


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