Myron Rolle … and why you don’t see him in the NFL

Well tonight is the first Monday Night Football game of the 2010 season.  So far this week I saw my beloved Minnesota Vikings look pitiful, and a game in Jacksonville put on hold because of heat.  Never saw that before, not the Vikings but the heat.

Myrone Rolle - Florida State

One thing I didn’t see was Myron Rolle.  That’s because he didn’t play.  If you don’t count the practice squad … he didn’t make it to the NFL.

For those who don’t know the who Myron Rolle is, let me tell you.  Myron is a defensive back from Florida State.  As a junior, after the 2008 season he was considered one of top defensive backs in all of college football.  If he would have came out for the draft that year he would have been a first or second round pick.  But he went back to school.  He didn’t go back to Florida State, however.  He went to Oxford in England.  See Myron is a Rhodes scholar, one only twenty or thirty in 2008 in the world.  No he was just in top twenty of his class or even in the country.  He was in the top twenty in the whole world.

Myron came back home after his year at Oxford and entered the draft this last year.  He fell to the sixth round, pick 207.  No, he wasn’t hurt, he wasn’t out shape.

He fell in the draft because the “braintrusts” throughout the NFL questioned his commitment.  Who was this person … somebody who actually believed there was life outside the high and mighty NFL.  You see Myron wants to be neurosurgeon someday.

I guess all the NFL teams thought there was no room for someone like Myron on their team beyond a sixth round pick.  After all they thought he lacked commitment.

Obviously being committed enough to be a Rhodes scholar is nothing compared to how to “stop the run” or “blitz on second and long.”


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