An interactive brand … a case study on Charice.

A couple of days ago I had a saw a rerun of Oprah.  And no this isn’t an everyday occurrence.  She had a young singer named Charice performing.  I’d never heard of her but I had heard the song she was singing … many times.  I liked it.

On thing I noticed is that a good half of the audience was swaying back and forth making a triangle with two index fingers and two thumbs.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to this.  I went into my office and Googled her to find the name of the song.   The name of the song was “Pyramid.”  Thus the triangles.

The audience was making pyramids.  They were not just singing … they were participating physically.  This participation – this “pyramid,” had become a viral interactive logo for Charice.  And this pyramid has helped her break through the music clutter.

What’s your pyramid?


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