As falls Wichita, so falls Wichita Falls

In my opinion the greatest name of a song ever.  Don’t know what it means , but so what.  It’s a a twenty minute epic mellow jazz song by Pat Methany and Lyle Mays.

This morning I tweeted my “morning walk report;” Pat Methany rather than Lady Gaga, Enigma rather than Flo Rida, thought rather than action.  Agenda today.

I’m a slave to TO DO lists.  Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t.  When I get up in the morning, sometimes my brain just isn’t in the right frame to do the type of things I put down on my list the night before.  Today was one of those days.  Thus the above tweet.

Normally I’m ready to get into it first thing and “rock.”  Today I’m “rockin,” but it’s a different type.  I’ve been relocated in Montana for ten days now and it’s been all about action.  Today I’m thinking.  My synaptic connections have decided to take a detour on “the Road to my Perfect World.”  Today they’re taking the scenic route.  For those of you in California, the 1 rather than the 5.  Today … I’m digesting everything since my move, making sense of it and looking forward from a new perspective.

Wichita to the right

Too many times we try to make ourselves do things because we put them down on a list. If they have to done now then fine.  But if it’s just something that ends up on the list then do it when your brain is in that mode … or the that road. Don’t write copy when you’re “feeling design.”  And don’t mix right and left brain activities, if possible.

Staying on the same “road” when you’re rolling enables you to get more done.  Your brain doesn’t have to reboot.  I’m in process of writing a blog piece on how the eduction system has take this into consideration also … but that’s down the road.

Currently I use a combination Filemaker Pro and WordPress for my organizational system.  Recently I have changed my TO DO list strategy.  Rather than plug tasks into a specific day (if they aren’t urgent), I just put them under a general “to do” designation classified by activity (i.e. phone, design, copy-writing, etc.).  This way when I’m in a social sales mode, I can take care of everything in that activity across multiple projects.  Seems to be working.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that … it’s all right to ‘break free’ from the constraints we put on ourselves and take that other road.

Remember, “the road to your Perfect World,” is not about the destination … it’s about the journey – the road.


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