Small business and 1:1 marketing .. the solution?

The printing industry (my industry for last twenty years) has been stagnant for sometime now.  The rush towards social media has only made matters only worse.  One of the only bright spots has been variable data printing or 1:1 marketing.  Every piece coming off a digital press can be different from the one before and the one after it.  The message can personalized to the recipient, customized to the sender and timed to create the highest response.  Up to this point, however, only large companies have been able to take advantage of it.

Digital Printing

The digital printing industry is “missing the boat” when it comes to catering to small and mediums sized businesses in terms of variable data printing and database marketing.

The traditional printing and prepress industry is driven by the clients.  They are experienced and know what they want.  The printing rep is essentially an order taker (no offense).  Variable data printing  is a different animal.  The client does not know what they want or even what the possibilities are.  There is “chasm” between the client the provider.  It’s our job to bridge this “chasm.”

Variable data printing is also expensive.  The set-up fees including programming are prohibitive for all but the largest corporations.  And the length of set-up time greatly diminishes any “emotional momentum” created initially.  Additionally, the runs are short, creating unusually high per piece prices.
The solution is offer a 1:1 marketing solution tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.  This solution must be simple and easy for our potential clients to understand (especially the benefits), not have a set-up that is expensive and lengthy and have per piece costs that compare to those large corporations enjoy.

I have attempted to address these issues with my company the bleedingEDGE.  I am currently looking for exclusive partners in several metro areas in the United States.  Take a look at the website: I welcome any comments, positive or negative.  There is more than business out there.  We just need to find the ways to get it.


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