Why are we doing it … social media that is?

It wasn’t till about five months ago I really stated getting into social media.  Up to that point I had a Facebook account but there was nothing in it, not even a photo of myself.  I had a Twitter account but I really didn’t what it was for and I was scared to tweet.  I didn’t even what LinkedIN was.

I had a blog … and had written a few posts over the previous year, but my efforts were so inconsistent and posting sporadic that I really couldn’t be considered a blogger.  Getting out a post was like “giving birth” for me (if I can imagine, being a male, what that’s like).

But then in March of this year I decided, “I’m going to get on this social media bandwagon.”  “I’m going to grow fur – and like the rest of the lemmings, trudge to to the cliff … and jump.

I spent countless hours on the internet researching – researching every social media media site imaginable.  I researched SEO;  of course if I’m going to do this then people better sure as hell see what I’m doing and listen to what I’m saying.  Views, subscribers, trackbacks – give me all of them!  I read about how to write a headline that Google will read, that people will read, on … and so on.

Facebook logo

After about two months of research, I had digested about enough “social media calories,” I could have weighed 300 pounds (vs. my current 160).  I was knowledgable and had my strategy.  Twitter was going to be my hub.  My blog, “On the road to your Perfect World,” and company web site for the bleedingEDGE were going to tangent off of my Twitter page.  LinkedIN and Facebook would be synced to Twitter so my tweets were also visible on those two vehicles.  I was on it and ready to go.

One thing I hadn’t done however, was ask the question why.  Why had I done this.  Why was I going to spend two hours a day writing content and obsessing over how people hit my plethora of exposure sites?

Well my company, the bleedingEDGE, was just launching.  Visibility would be a good thing, but visible to who and for what purpose.  My market is essentially a select group of digital printers who can produce and go out and sell my database marketing products to their clients.  I know who they are and I can pick up the phone and call them.  If they need information – I can send it to them or direct them to my website.

Well if not visibility, then maybe I was out after credibility.  If my business targets say knew that I knew the problems, had the solutions and could articulate them … then this would work to my benefit.  Problem being, the vast majority of my posts (either on Twitter or in my blog) were and continue to have nothing to do with the bleedingEDGE or database marketing.  My most read post compares Lady Gaga and heroes of Normandy Beach.  What’s that got to do with anything!

I supposed that if one of my prospective business partners reads my stuff and that creates a common bond … then that’s good.  If some of our interests and beliefs coincide then that should make the partnership stronger and more likely to last.

There’s always the possibility of meeting somebody and developing a collaboration on something completely unrelated to the bleedingEDGE.  This actually is a bona-fide reason.

But you knows something, when it all comes down to it … I like doing it.  I like writing.  I like developing contacts and having them become more than that.  I like the ability to delve into realms of others’ lives via Twitter, others that I would not know existed, let alone look forward to what they have to say in the morning.

We can all say we have noble, professional reasons for acting like “social media lemmings,” but isn’t it really because we like doing it.


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