The phone vs. email vs. Facebook vs. Twitter, etc – what would it be?

Imagine if you were only allowed to put one point of contact, one means of getting in touch with you, on your business card (your one card).  What would that be.

I’m currently designing a new card for myself that will be my only one – encompassing my “whole being.”  I’m into simplicity … especially when it comes to “how to get hold” of somebody.  I must have eight to points of contact in my “bag of communications clutter.”  Now I’ll put more than just one … but this will be an interesting exercise anyway.  So let’s get on with it.

Is this your best option?

Now, let’s lay down the considerations.

1.  Who is the target market?

2.  And what am I going to say to these people?

Now let’s look at the options.

1.  Phone number: Not too long ago, this one would have been a slam dunk.  But today, probably not.  First, nobody wants to call anybody anymore.  Everybody has a phone, so access is universal, but nobody will call you back so what good is it.  One wildcard here though, is the texting option.  Especially with younger generations, texting is the preferred method of communication … go figure.

2.  Mail / address: I had to put this one in here just for a laugh.  If had to wait for somebody to send me a letter … well, enough said.

3.  Email: Gosh I remember just last year at this time, virtually everybody I dealt with, businesswise, wanted to be contacted via email.  “Send me an email,”  “But were on the phone right now so why don’t we talk about.”  “No I want a hard copy.” WHATEVER.  Email is good but it’s not a substitute for the back forth you can get on the phone.  It’s kind of like a cross between the phone and mail.  Has it’s place.  Possibility.

4.  Facebook: Now this an interesting one.  It’s now universal, but it seems like it’s almost getting there.  Half a billion people are on it.  By logging into Facebook you can more or less access other online vehicles you may own.  You can have your Twitter feed into it.  You can put your phone number on it.  There’s a place for your website URL.  I don’t like Facebook, though.  It’s too, well, it’s just too social.  It is the epitome of social media.  I don’t know if I’m into that though.  I don’t think I want that persona prefacing my business dealings.  I know Facebook is the “be all and end all” for business these days.  I think I’ll let the bandwagon go by for the time being.

5.  Twitter: Now if I would have written this a month ago, I don’t even know if I would have mentioned this.  Wow, have things changed in thirty days.  Now what is Twitter?  It’s really just a repository of text messages.  But it also is a database.  It’s a database of your contacts, your ideas, their ideas, their contacts, their contacts ideas and so on.  It’s also can be central hub for all your other conduits of exposure.  A tweet can reference your blog, your web site of even your phone number if you want it to.  Problem though … it’s not universal.  While there’s lot of people on it – not everybody is.  Here’s where the considerations come into play.  You can craft a message, a persona, better on Twitter than anywhere else (referral points included).  The question is who do you want to talk to.

6.  Miscellaneous social media: I belong to various other social media and networking sites.  Fox example, LinkedIN.  I love LinkedIn, but I just don’t think it needs to be on my business card.  Brazen Careerist, good site (more for the younger sect – but good energy), but again, not on my card.  Etc.

Now I’m not only going put one contact point on my card.  Until we all get telepathic chips put in our heads (that can also transfer files) there is no one best vehicle for communication.  They all have their place.

Everybody will have a slightly different take on their “considerations” I mentioned at the top of this rambling discourse.  After much pondering, at times in the Rodin position, this is what I’m going to do and why.

1.  Phone number: I like the phone.  It’s my card.  Enough said.

2.  Email: Not everybody is into social media but still is electronic.  Plus I need to transfer and receive files.

3.  Twitter: Twitter is my hub for all things I want to put out to the world, and you can get to the rest of my stuff through it.  It’s the conduit for my ideas, my rants and my ravings.  Plus it’s turning me on to some really interesting people and thoughts I would never have known existed.  This is my social media outlet.  If you’re not on Twitter … than get on it.  It’s not just about what somebody had for breakfast this morning.  Sorry Facebook and the rest of you.  One SM access point is enough.

But then again I suppose if we list everything – every conceivable way to get hold us.  Then we’d cover all the bases.  We’d just never knock anyone in.


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7 thoughts on “The phone vs. email vs. Facebook vs. Twitter, etc – what would it be?

  1. I like the twitter idea as a hub, but agree is not yet universal. On the other hand I can live with only my LinkedIn profile, that still not universal but way more practical and easy to keep organized. Buzz, Tweets, Groups, Profiles, email, etc.

    Thanks for a good perspective on how we communicate.

  2. I like the idea of listing a phone number and my collective web site which features all the other ways to contact me. Nothing is more frustrating than to want to reach someone immediately and not find a phone number readily available. Call me old school, but I still like talking to people on the phone too.:)

  3. I would put Twitter and tell them to get Twitter profile if they don’t have it already but wish to contact me. Only after that I would direct them to other communication methods if the need arises.

    1. Exactly! This way through Twitter you can show more dimensions of yourself … be a real person.

  4. I agree with the above two. I would put my website and email address. I now have a Google Voice number also, so maybe I could put that, because it will NEVER change 🙂

    But definitely NOT any social media profiles.

  5. Def would go with the website. The website is going to act as your business card. You give them the card with your URL, they visit the site, and then your site has all of your various means of communication integrated into one location.

    If you just put your website, it allows you to be as creative as possible too! All that space to just put your URL. Keep it simple in my opinion!

  6. If I could only put one point of contact, I would put my website. It lists all of the other ways of getting a hold of me. Fortunately, we’re not limited to just putting just one contact point on our cards! I need to make new business cards and plan on putting my website, e-mail, phone, and Twitter on them, or at least that’s the plan right now.

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