From hesitation … to excitement!

A few days I wrote a post about my impending move from Los Angeles to Montana.  I was in a mood that, well, could said to be ridden with hesitation.  I am moving to the hinter lands.  Change is here.

The road out of California

Am I ready?

Yes!  My frame of mind is different this morning.  Hesitation has passed like the morning “June gloom” in Santa Monica … and given way to excitement.

This is my last official full day as a California resident.  Mid afternoon tomorrow I will be on the Interstate 15 “out of dodge.”

I’m ready.  I’m in full transition.  My mind is set in “input mode.”  Time to embrace change is now.

I’m in the process of changing the blogs I follow.  I’ll keep a couple, but the focus will be different.  Much more diverse and younger, I think. This afternoon – the iPod is next.  I only have a 100 or so songs on it (it’s only a Flash).  But, I think I’m going dump the whole works.  Start fresh … embrace the change.

I figure the trip will take about two days.  My stuff ‘s already up there so it’s just me … just me and what I can absorb, “On the road to MY Perfect World.”

For all of you in California …

Good luck – and keep on task!


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One thought on “From hesitation … to excitement!

  1. Hi Clay – It sound like you have an exciting adventure ahead of you and a cool road trip while you get there. I’m looking forward to reading more about the big changes you are making, when you arrive in Montana.

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