Moving to Montana …

Over the past few years I have done scaled my existence.  It seems the things that mattered before, just don’t seem to matter as much anymore.  It doesn’t matter I’m not living by beach.  It doesn’t matter my art collection isn’t upgraded every six months.  It doesn’t matter if Top Roman is a substinence every couple of days.

I ran across a couple of web sites talking about a minimalistic lifestyle.  It’s what I’ve been living. and will take it one step further … I’m moving to Montana.

Back in the day I centered myself in affluent areas because that’s where the best schools were for Alex.  Fortunately, I could afford Newport Beach, Irvine, Tiburon and the like. Now Alex is twenty … and well on her way to carving her own niche in the world.  Living in overpriced areas is no longer a priority or even a want.

The Big Sky Country

I’m moving in the next few days (exactly when … that’s a another story) to Montana.  My parents live up there they are getting up there in age.  Well it’s time to say, after twenty-two years, GOODBYE … to California.  There’s some mixed emotion here.  Hell, it’s been twenty-two years.

My new company is getting off the ground and structured to run anywhere.  I learned how to do that two decades ago being a single parent and building a national recruiting company.

This post is pretty much a rambling rant on – what I’m not quite sure (why doesn’t that word start with ‘sh’, don’t know).  It’s just I’m getting down the proverbial moving D-Day and another life transition.

Life Montana will will be different.  It’s not like I don’t know what to expect … I grew up in Minot, North Dakota.  It’s … I don’t know what it is, there’s just a hesitation.  It’s not like I fully embraced Los Angeles.  I’m still a die-hard Twins and Vikings fan.

Don’t get me wrong.  Where I’m going is beautiful, and hour and half from Yellowstone.  It’s just when you’re in Los Angeles, well you’re in Los Angeles.  There’s that bit of envy from most everybody you talk to, “LA wow.”

I didn’t have this much of an issue with moving until I came down to hang with Alex two weeks ago.  It started to hit me.  There’s been a few “transition points” in fifty-one year old life.  They all work out – because I make them work out.  This one feels different.  I don’t know why.  Maybe since I’ve been done here with Alex, I’ve been with the kids.  The energy is – well it’s more than you can imagine.  How do I recreate that in Montana?  I have to.

Again, understand that this post is me talking to myself and working things out with my own synaptic connections.

Now let’s talk the solution …

What’s up there is not what’s here … good and bad!

1.  Serious time to get get in shape.  I’m not bad, but can always get better.

2.  Hanging with the parents.  I need not get into the details, but it’s good … but also there is responsibilities (nothing I can’t work with).

3.  What Los Angeles offered socially I never really took advantage of anyway.  So that’s not an issue.  But country music – NO!

4.  The whole rancher MIMBY attitude is going to kill me but I will have to deal with it.

5.  I get to be within striking distance of some of my high school friends (from thirty years ago).  This is a good thing.  High school was positive.

6.  I’m leaving Alex.  Even though she moved to Seattle a couple of years ago, she moved back.  Where is the responsibility … with your kid or your parents?  This is the big one!

Now, is this a transition?  Yes!  But in any transition or change – two things can happen … move ahead or fall back.  By definition you can’t stay the same.  It’s up to me what happens.

Thanks for listening – now it’s time to move on and … go to Montana.


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4 thoughts on “Moving to Montana …

    1. Point taken Chris. Well here’s the ‘after’ … to this point.

      Change is my drug. I don’t make wholesale changes like this often, every few years, but when I do – I buy into it. I knew it would be different. Rather than focus outward and absorb the enormous amount of stimuli California offers … I’ve focused inward and moved my new company, the bleedingEDGE out of the incubator into operational status. I needed the change to do that.

      But most of all, Chris … I’ve been writing. I’ve written on an average, three posts week over last three months between my two blogs. This is from someone that previously took over a year to write three total. Writing has never been easy for me. I know what I want say – but it just never came out … until now. Writing, whether it was ad copy or just an email, has always been a major “burr in my saddle” (you’d think I was in Montana).

      So, in summary – the ‘after’ is yet just another part of the journey “On the Road to my Perfect World.” And this part of the trip is just getting started. “See ya on the road.”

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