What are you going to be when you grow up?

I ran across an individual,Sabera, in a networking group I belong to called the Brazen Careerist.  This young lady wanted advice on how to brand herself.  Her dilemma is that she has multiple interests.  She is a marketing consultant and feels that is where her income potential is.  But she is also a food enthusiast and even has a food blog.

I am going to be ...

Should she present herself, brand herself, in two separate ways?  Should she have two separate business cards and have two separate elevator pitches depending on what niche she is pursuing at the minute?

I went through the same thing.  My business the bleedingEDGE is a database marketing company, but my other pursuits include and will include everything from wind energy development, to education reform, to recruiting, to my ultimate goal of constructing an Idea Farm helping entrepreneurs implement their Perfect World goals.

Ultimately, when you determine whether you want to do business with someone … what determines that decision? We are all complex beings.  We all have multiple parts to ourselves, multiple interests.  This is what makes us who we are.  People have relationships with other people, not inanimate corporate entities.

I believe that the more multidimensional, more colorful we come across as – the more attractive we will be and more people will want to associate with us.

The central point of my identity and presentation is this blog, “On the road to your Perfect World.” I’m all over the board on what I write about … but that’s who I am.  While I’ll write about marketing and business, I’m just as likely to write about parenting and generational analysis.  In fact, my business card, or should I say my personal card, just has my name on it.

Who I’m I to know what will be somebody’s hot point.  Maybe it’s just database marketing or maybe it’s also alternative energy or life as a single parent (which I was).  If those other aspects of me don’t surface – would I even get the marketing business?

My advice to this young lady is be who you are and who you want to be … and present yourself that way.  It sure makes things less complicated – and more fun.

So, what are you going to be when you grow up … everything you want.


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One thought on “What are you going to be when you grow up?

  1. Thanks for the post Clay. I feel flattered that my question on Brazen Careerist sparked a whole blog post 🙂

    Your advice of being myself has really worked for me in the past. When I meet someone who asks me what I do, and when I tell them I’m a job seeker + blogger + cooking class instructor, they seem to immediately light up. When I go on to say that the blog started out as a medium for me to learn about social media and interactive marketing, they really begin to listen. So you’re totally right there. People love multi-dimensional people and people really want to listen to what an interesting person has to say.

    As you rightly say above, afterall, that is the the real reason why we continue to have relationships with some people.

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