Twitter is just for kids … NOT!

I just started Tweeting on Friday of last week.  I’ve had an account for about 18 months but … but I was too scared.  I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what purpose it had.

My choice

I now know. I read a blog entry early last week talking about the top social networking sites and their effectiveness and value.  In the end the author said if there was only one, only one that he would use to further his business, further his life – it would be Twitter.

Not Facebook, not LinkedIn, not MySpace (unless you’re a musician) – but Twitter.  At the time I’d never Tweeted, again I was scared … I wasn’t in the game.

As I mentioned in my last post, “Who’s batting 3rd in your line-up,” I’ve been hanging at Alex’s house.  I have converted.  I am spending time with the kids … should I say, the future of our world.  Apple Geniuses, video game developers, etc.  And if as a 50ish year old, I can’t get my brain in gear in this environment, then I don’t deserve to have a brain.  And they all Tweet, and they’re schooling me.

Twitter is not about telling the world what you had for breakfast and whether your eggs were scrambled or over easy.  It’s the conduit for all that you want to relay to the world:  What you’ve created or written, what you think is important (what you link to) or just a basic 160 characters of what’s on your mind.  It’s also all the world wants to relay to you (under your own terms by who you choose to follow).

But more than that … it is a matrix (if I can use that word without sounding like Keanu Reeves, no offence Keanu) .

I spent fifteen years of my life as a headhunter.  Building a database of people in the electronic prepress, printing and digital printing arenas.  8,000 contacts … all talked to.  With Twitter, it’s a year.  Granted, it’s not the same, but’s it’s damn close.  I had a meeting yesterday with Kent (if you had a Twitter account, I could link to right now), an old friend of my friend of mine.  We talked about this exact fact … what if we had the technology yesterday (20 years ago) that we have now.  Imagine the effect it would have on my business.

Get a Twitter account, have your kids help you if you you’re scared.  And most of all Tweet.  Tweet about what you find is important to you, notify the world of your blog, link the world to sources of information they may not be aware of (we’re al in this together).

And best yet … pave your highway “on the road to Your Perfect World.”

Happy Trails. But make sure you use Twitter as your navigator.


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