Who’s batting third in your line-up?

I’ve been staying down at my daughter, Alexandria’s, in Los Angeles for a few days before I move to Montana next week.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know some of her close friends.  Yesterday we were talking about them and how they figure into her life.

She made the analogy of where everybody fits into her “personal batting line-up” (you think she’s a baseball fan).  The rational behind this comparison is that this way she doesn’t have unrealistic expectations of anybody.  Everybody is who they are and each have their strengths.  Just like players in a batting order.

Batting third ...

I’m not going get into everybody and breakdown the whole line-up … but I thought I’d lay out  a couple of the roles.  These are her descriptions, not mine.

Leading off, batting 1st: Ben.  He’s always there.  He’ll get on base, the consummate team player.  He’ll wear down the opposition, take pitches so everybody else sees what’s coming up.  He’ll won’t hit home runs very often – but he’ll be on base for meat of the line-up.

The anchor, batting 3rd: Jason.  He’s my daughter’s coach on the field, her side-kick.  Or as she calls him, he’s Alfred (in Batman lore).  He’s the glue, not only hit for average but will knock you in as well.

Clean-up, batting 4th: Angie.  She’s not always there, not a 300 hitter, but when she shows up … it’s a home run.  She lights up the room.  Oh, and that smile!

Too often we expect things from our friends that … well, they’re not equipped to do, instead on focusing on their strengths and what they can provide to the relationship.

Life is not easy.  Whatever tools we can use, we should.  God only know there has been a million books written on relationships.  If we try to digest all the advice out there – our heads will explode and won’t be any better off.

Maybe all we need to do is accept those close to us for what they are … not what they aren’t and nurture their strengths rather than focus on their weaknesses.

Fill out your line-up card, and go play ball.


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