Passing Uphill – version 2010

How do you react when things are difficult.

We’ve been hearing about how we are coming out of the recession we’re in.  Overall this may be true.  Certain industries are expanding but it’s still very hard out there.  We’re not all Apple.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them.

Passing Uphill

When I was in high school I ran cross country.  We had a great team and great coach.  One thing he drilled into us was “pass uphill.”  On the flats everyone gets into their groove and its hard to make up any ground and get around them.  That’s why “pass uphill.”  Uphill is when most runners (not the great ones) relax and just wait to get to the top to regain their “groove.”  We were taught to sprint up the hills – and pass people when they least expect it.  This is a big reason why our team won three state championships in four years.

Doing business in recession is like running uphill.  Most firms get conservative.  They cut back … especially with advertising and marketing.  After all, it’s a recession and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.  You just have wait out the hill until you hit the flat ground again … right.

WRONG!  This is exactly the time to spend more.  Whether it’s on marketing, research or just hiring top talent that has been kicked to the curb because of company ineptitude. Do something – gain market share.

When the economy turns you will have clients that you helped in the downturn.  These clients will remember that and be loyal.

We’re on a hill.  Pass or get passed.


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