The 11th Commandment

It has come to my attention that Moses did not bring ten commandments down the Mount.  There is an eleventh … thou may only leave ONE message when trying to contact someone.

Or at least it seems that way.

With all methods of communications these days; voice mail, email, Twitter, Facebook, texting and, believe or not, good old snail mail — getting through to a person’s internal gatekeeper takes a Doctorate (and it better be from the Ivy League).

I don't see an 11th commandment

Now, on that note, talking with someone is still is the best way to start or enhance a relationship.  So, leaving one message ensures missable results.

I was a headhunter for fifteen years – and, most of the time, I was fairly successful.  One of my policies, not just not for myself, but also for my recruiters, was this — if you have something to say, GET A HOLD OF THE PERSON!

If that means leaving four or five messages a day … get on with your bad self. But get a hold of the person.  Fight with the tenacity of Joan of Arc and Beowolf combined.  And they did.

You know something?  Never once did anybody complain about this barrage upon their personal sanctity.  In fact, more times than not, they apologized for not getting back to me or my people sooner.

As disciples of “getting things done,” we must not let this heresy upon Moses continue.

Go forth, lead, and most of all … talk to who you need to talk to.


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