Eminem – if we pay attention, there’s plenty to learn

Yesterday I was reading a blog, copyblogger.com, in an attempt to hone my writing skills.  One post caught my attention.  “What we can learn about writing and marketing from Eminem.

The master marketer

Now, most of you will cringe and say – absolutely nothing.  But put away your walker for minute and open your mind.

I did … and it was worth it.



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One thought on “Eminem – if we pay attention, there’s plenty to learn

  1. Oh my Eminem or should I say Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Of Late I’ve become a top devotee and can never get too much gossip or postings about Eminem’s media coverage. Have to admit that the posting relating to Eminem got my eye as I have not visited before. As his father left the family unit when he was a child the media years has been chance for large earnings and media coverage which he has accepted well, averting the downfall with way too much coverage and exposure experienced by other famous people. Loved his albums Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, Encore, although the contents sometimes are onerous. Dark overtones and not making for a blessed planet.

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