Employee motivation – a case study

In the late eighties, I was part of a team that published commercial art and printing directories.  In 1986 our Twin Cities Creative Sourcebook’s tab pages were awarded PIA’s (Printing Industry of America’s) “best of” category for broadside printing.  Simply put, it was was the best print job in the United States in 1986.

I had the opportunity to press check the job at Source Litho in Minneapolis.

Employee motivation?

About three months after the the trophies were delivered, I went and checked in with the owner at Source.  As I sat across from him in his office – I noticed a trophy proudly displayed.  I knew exactly what it was since we had the same one in our offices.

After we finished, I went back to the press room to talk the press operator who actually printed the job to congratulate him.

He had  no idea that he had personally printed the best job in the country.  THEY WERE GOING TO DENY HIM THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF A LIFETIME.

At first he was surprised, then hurt and finally mad.  I don’t blame him.  I would have felt the same way.

I stopped back there three weeks later and he was gone … he had moved on.

Now that’s a case study in employee motivation.


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10 thoughts on “Employee motivation – a case study

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    1. Luciano,

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    1. Good afternoon,

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