Stuff from the “gaping void”

Every day, I write a lot of little things on my pad.  Stuff I find in blogs, stuff I hear from people…well, just stuff.  Every week I go back and put them into “The Brain,” my data base of stuff.

I went to my pad and looked at November 12, 2008 – why, I don’t know.  I saw “gaping void stuff.”  It comes from a great blog – which I have a link to on the right.

The "Gaping Void"

Here we go – paraphrased of course.

1.  markets are conversations

2.  change the world or go home

3. don’t stand out from the crowd … avoid the crowd altogether

4.  allow your age to work with you (more of a rationalization then anything, I think)

5.  good ideas alter the balance of power in relationships – that’s why good ideas are always initially resisted

6.  the more talented somebody is, the less they need props

7.  your sovereignty will inspire far more people than the actual content

Neat, huh.  Thanks, Hugh.


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